Ability Section

For continuous teaching and assessment, and to excel in the competitive exams of modern India, Navyug Happy Public School has formed a separate section for few selected students called 'The Ability Section. This is a revolution in traditional school teaching as students are taught keeping in mind both School Syllabus & Entrance Exam's syllabus. This helps students save a lot of time, energy, and money as additional Coaching is never required if you are a student in Ability Section.

Entrepreneurship Program

India is on the unprecedented path of development and growth. There is no time better than today to become an entrepreneur in India.Students are asked to use their business skills and implement the theoretical aspects of business.They are allowed to use school premises as well as outside to experiment their path-breaking entrepreneurial idea. The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Program is to make students learn all practical aspects of Business Management.

Communication Skills Program

Good Communications Skills are a necessary ingredient for the recipe to create the finest leaders of the world. It is more necessary in today's multilingual world which is getting shorter day by day due to immense progress by science and technology. Today, English has emerged as an international language considered as the primary means of verbal and written communication throughout the world. Thus, we, at Navyug Happy Public School, focus on English speaking, debating, and writing. We have been determined to make our students good English speakers, writers, and readers. Many measures and initiatives have been taken to achieve the feat.

Vision and Visionary

“Learning beyond Classroom” is the hallmark of the school educational system. So, to achieve this, educational tours are regularly organised by the school to promote national and international understanding. Tours of national importance are being organised to develop understanding of our cultural heritage camping expeditions, picnics, visit to world heritage sites are also organized.I believe that the quality of school education offered by any nation is an indictor to the quality of life envisaged for its future citizens. Therefore, it is an awesome creative challenge for me to establish a school as per international standards and to fulfill the global needs.I am proud to augment a learning process in the classrooms, exploring newer horizons within the broader parameters and fusing innovative ideas with the learning need of the society with your partnership.We need to bridge gaps between a priviledged minority of those who generally benifits from progress and a substantial proportion of mankind left to suffer its drawbacks.I am sure; you will strength me in fulfilling my cherished dreams of making a world class institution.